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Pricing and Payments

We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, certain EAP plans, Oscar Health, Oxford, United Health Care, credit cards, debit payments and cash payments. If your insurance provider does not appear here, please inquire about out of network services. 


Comprehensive Diagnostic Interview and Consent Documents:  $250 (This includes the diagnostic interview and the first office/face-to-face visit)
Psychotherapy 50 minutes: $150
Family Psychotherapy Conjoint with the Parent Present: $150
Group: $100
Family Psychotherapy without patient present: $150
School Observation with report: $300
School Observation without report: $200
School Shadowing: $25 per hour
School Meeting: $150
Initial Consultation: No Charge
Phone Consultation: $50
Teacher Inservice and Training: $200
Parent Education and Coaching: $250


Individual Therapy (50-Minute Session)

Humans are naturally social creatures. Talking is a primary method of communicating which allows us to express our thoughts and feelings. When we're feeling overwhelmed, our emotions, worries, and stressors can seem unbearable and interfere with day-to-day functions and activities. That's where talk therapy can help! One-on-one therapy supports speaking to someone in confidence. A professional counselor can respond to concerns objectively, offer comforting words, and give sound advice to help clients live better lives.

Individual Child Play Therapy (50-Minute Session)

Individual play therapy focuses on healing and strengthening individual children. Through the play as well as the special therapeutic relationship, the therapist helps children to accept their emotions, develop trust and confidence, and improve their behavior.

Group Therapy (1.5 Hr. Group Setting)

Family Therapy (50-Minutes)

Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on the improvement of interfamilial relationships and behavioral patterns of the family unit as a whole, as well as among individual members and groupings, or subsystems, within the family. Family therapy includes a large number of treatment forms with diverse conceptual principles, processes and structures, and clinical foci. Some family therapy approaches (e.g., object relations theory) reflect extensions of models of psychotherapy with individuals in the interpersonal realm, whereas others (e.g., structural family therapy) evolved in less traditional contexts. Most approaches emphasize contexts in which clinical problems arise. This accompanying systemic view potentially allows clinical attention to all levels of the organization of behavior, from the individual, to the family, and to the community. Family therapy models vary enormously in terms of length, past versus present orientation, techniques used, and treatment goals.

School Consultation 

School consultation is a cooperative process between school mental health professionals, teachers, parents and other parties. When students struggle academically, display behavioral, emotional, or academic difficulties, this may prevent them from meeting instructional goals and state educational requirements.  In an effort to promote success among these students, it is necessary that a collaborative front (the mental health and instruction team), identify problems, develop specific goals, brainstorm interventions, and create a plan to help the student become more successful.  Attending and actively participating in such meetings can be intimidating... a service provided by WCPT is family support/school consultation in which a Licensed Professional Counselor participates in team meetings to help parents help their children achieve success.   


Parent Consult 

Parent Consultations are meetings between the counselor and caregivers to discuss the goals and progress of the child. It is helpful for the counselor to hear how the child functions outside of the playroom. These meetings are a great time to share any changes at school, home, or within the community. It is also an appropriate time for the counselor and parent to team up to create parenting strategies or possible solutions for supporting the child.

Medicaid rates and service offerings vary based on Medicaid reimbursement and coverage. 

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